We have a purpose built livery yard here with 17 indoor (American style barn) stables, with a large concrete yard and excellent lighting! With a good sized tack room, hot wash box with heat lamps, ad lib quality homemade haylage, large fields for year round turn out, B road hacking with sea views. Large floodlit all Weather 47m x 25m carpet fibre surface manège and turnout pen. We offer all types of livery here including DIY, Part, Full, Schooling etc.

When weather permits we also have a Jumping Paddock and (both short and long) Grass Dressage Arenas. We also have a short Uphill Canter Track, great for fitting work.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail when dealing with all equines on our yard. We can tailor your livery to both you and your horses needs. We strive to ensure both quality care and facilities and are dedicated to providing a bespoke livery experience.

Here is an outline of the types of livery we provide:-

DIY Livery, including stable, grazing and ad lib haylage @ £35pw.

Part livery, one side of the day we look after your equine, 1 x turn in / out rug change, legs hosed / feet cleaned @ £50pw

Full Livery, fully looking after your equine 24 / 7 including all haylage and straw bedding. Concentrate feeds or supplements are an edition charge @ £75pw

Schooling livery, which is full livery including 3 x schooling sessions @ £105pw

Handling / Groundwork livery. This includes full livery with daily handling, long reining / lunging, introduction to tack, traffic etc. A great way to start a youngster or just extra groundwork. £95pw

Starting/backing. With many years experience backing our own stock and taking backing liveries with great success, We are sympathetic and understanding to the horses needs and strive to accomplish a well rounded safe and balanced ride. We believe in a lot of hacking to get your horse used to many sights and use the local beaches also. Benefiting from good hills here, they will be fit and healthy too! £120pw